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Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, CAS


23 June 2021: Ms. Yan Zheng, Ms. Jiating Yang, Mr. Haoran Bai has jointed our group as Master students. Welcome!

23 June 2021: Weclome Ms Shuo Wang, who has jointed our group as Reseracj Assistant and will focus on the potential light pollution effects on plants.

18 June 2021: Dr. Meng Hou has jointed our group as a Postdoc researcher. Welcome!!!

11 June 2021: We welcome Dr. Lu Xiao, who has jointed our group as an Research Associate.

04 February 2021: Liu Y, Oduor A, Dai Z, Gao F, Li J, Zhang X, Yu F* (2021) Suppression of a plant hormone gibberellin reduces growth of invasive plants more than native plants, Oikos, Accepted.

21 Januray 2021: Congratulations to Benedikt, whoes Bachelor Thesis was finially published on Journal of Ecology!

          Speisser B, Liu Y*, van Kleunen M (2021) Biomass responses of widely and less-widely naturalized alien plants to artificial light at night, Journal of Ecology, Accepted.




17 December 2020: Congratulations to Dr. Hongxiang Zhang on her promotion to full professor!!!

-  04 November 2020: Dr. Yanjie Liu accepted the invitation from BES, and will serve as an Associate Editor for Journal of Applied Ecology.

-  27 September 2020: Also collaborating with Dr. Zhijie Zhang, our third paper (Effect of allelopathy on plant performance: a meta-analysis) was accepted by Ecology Letters!  All of us are happy with the productive collaboration, and we believe that more manuscripts will be out from collaborations in future.

-  25 August 2020: Collaborating with Dr. Zhijie Zhang from University of Konstanz, our second paper (Soil-microorganism-mediated invasional meltdown in plants) was officially accepted by Nature Ecology & Evolution! 

-  14 July, 2020: Zhang Z, Liu Y*, Brunel C, van Kleunen M (2020) Evidence for Elton's diversity-invasibility hypothesis from belowground. Ecology, Accepted!

-  03 July, 2020: Congratulations to Ms. Xue Zhang, who has been accepted as a PhD student in our group.


-  20 June, 2020: We welcome Mr. Lichao Wang, Ms. Huifei Jin, and Ms. Xiaoqing Zhang, who have jointed our group as an Research Assistant.


-  12 June, 2020: Congratulations to Dr. Yanmei Fu and Dr. Chunling Chang, who will join our lab as Research Associates soon.


-  21 May, 2020: Congratulations to Mr. Zaixing Ma and Mr. Kai Ma, who have been accepted as Master students in our group.


-  06 Januray, 2020: Liu M, Li H, Song J, Song M, Qiao N, Tian Y, Liu Y, Niu H (2020) Interactions between intercropped Avena sativa and Agropyron cristatum for nitrogen uptake. Plant and Soil, Online. doi:10.1007/s11104-019-04389-z.





-  18 October, 2019: Qi S, Liu Y, Dai Z, Wan L, Du D, Ju R, Wan J, Bonser S (2019) Allelopathy confers higher resistance in an invasive Wedelia to generalist herbivore and pathogen enemies compared to its native congener. Oecologia, Accepted.


-  17 July, 2019:  Zhang X, Dai Z, Gao F, Du D, Liu Y (2019) The role of long-distance dispersal and mycorrhizas on plant colonisation within mainland Germany. Flora, Accepted.


 - 11 July, 2019:  We welcome Dr. Liping Shan, who has jointed our group as an Research Associate.


-  10 July, 2019:  Dr. Yanjie Liu accepted the appointment from Wiley, and will serve as Subject Editor for Oikos.


-   1 July, 2019:  Ms. Yi Peng has joined our group as the secretary to the Plant Ecology group.


-   5 June, 2019:  Dr. Yanjie Liu accepted the appointment from Springer Nature, and will serve as Handling Editor for Oecologia.


-  19 April, 2019:  Dr. Hongxiang Zhang has joined our group as an associate professor, welcome!


-  12 January, 2019: Y Liu & M van Kleunen. (2019) Nitrogen acquisition of Central European herbaceous plants that differ in their global naturalization success. Functional Ecology, accepted!

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