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Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, CAS


15 November 2021:  Wang L, Li Y*, Liu Y (2021)  Invasive herbaceous respond more negatively to elevated ozone concentration than native species, Diversity and Distribution, Accepted. Congratulations to Mr. Lichao Wang!! 

27 Auguest 2021: Congratulations to Zhengkuang Lu, whose first paper was accepted by Journal of Plant Ecology (Lu Z, Zhang X, Zhang H, Liu Y. 2021. Native woody legumes respond more negatively to extreme drought than invasive ones, Journal of Plant Ecology)

23 June 2021: Ms. Yan Zheng, Ms. Jiating Yang, Mr. Haoran Bai has jointed our group as Master students. Welcome!

23 June 2021: Weclome Ms Shuo Wang, who has jointed our group as Reseracj Assistant and will focus on the potential light pollution effects on plants.

18 June 2021: Dr. Meng Hou has jointed our group as a Postdoc researcher. Welcome!!!

11 June 2021: We welcome Dr. Lu Xiao, who has jointed our group as an Research Associate.

04 February 2021: Liu Y, Oduor A, Dai Z, Gao F, Li J, Zhang X, Yu F* (2021) Suppression of a plant hormone gibberellin reduces growth of invasive plants more than native plants, Oikos, Accepted.

21 Januray 2021: Congratulations to Benedikt, whoes Bachelor Thesis was finially published on Journal of Ecology!

          Speisser B, Liu Y*, van Kleunen M (2021) Biomass responses of widely and less-widely naturalized alien plants to artificial light at night, Journal of Ecology, Accepted.




17 December 2020: Congratulations to Dr. Hongxiang Zhang on her promotion to full professor!!!

-  04 November 2020: Dr. Yanjie Liu accepted the invitation from BES, and will serve as an Associate Editor for Journal of Applied Ecology.

-  27 September 2020: Also collaborating with Dr. Zhijie Zhang, our third paper (Effect of allelopathy on plant performance: a meta-analysis) was accepted by Ecology Letters!  All of us are happy with the productive collaboration, and we believe that more manuscripts will be out from collaborations in future.

-  25 August 2020: Collaborating with Dr. Zhijie Zhang from University of Konstanz, our second paper (Soil-microorganism-mediated invasional meltdown in plants) was officially accepted by Nature Ecology & Evolution! 

-  14 July, 2020: Zhang Z, Liu Y*, Brunel C, van Kleunen M (2020) Evidence for Elton's diversity-invasibility hypothesis from belowground. Ecology, Accepted!

-  03 July, 2020: Congratulations to Ms. Xue Zhang, who has been accepted as a PhD student in our group.


-  20 June, 2020: We welcome Mr. Lichao Wang, Ms. Huifei Jin, and Ms. Xiaoqing Zhang, who have jointed our group as an Research Assistant.


-  12 June, 2020: Congratulations to Dr. Yanmei Fu and Dr. Chunling Chang, who will join our lab as Research Associates soon.


-  21 May, 2020: Congratulations to Mr. Zaixing Ma and Mr. Kai Ma, who have been accepted as Master students in our group.


-  06 Januray, 2020: Liu M, Li H, Song J, Song M, Qiao N, Tian Y, Liu Y, Niu H (2020) Interactions between intercropped Avena sativa and Agropyron cristatum for nitrogen uptake. Plant and Soil, Online. doi:10.1007/s11104-019-04389-z.





-  18 October, 2019: Qi S, Liu Y, Dai Z, Wan L, Du D, Ju R, Wan J, Bonser S (2019) Allelopathy confers higher resistance in an invasive Wedelia to generalist herbivore and pathogen enemies compared to its native congener. Oecologia, Accepted.


-  17 July, 2019:  Zhang X, Dai Z, Gao F, Du D, Liu Y (2019) The role of long-distance dispersal and mycorrhizas on plant colonisation within mainland Germany. Flora, Accepted.


 - 11 July, 2019:  We welcome Dr. Liping Shan, who has jointed our group as an Research Associate.


-  10 July, 2019:  Dr. Yanjie Liu accepted the appointment from Wiley, and will serve as Subject Editor for Oikos.


-   1 July, 2019:  Ms. Yi Peng has joined our group as the secretary to the Plant Ecology group.


-   5 June, 2019:  Dr. Yanjie Liu accepted the appointment from Springer Nature, and will serve as Handling Editor for Oecologia.


-  19 April, 2019:  Dr. Hongxiang Zhang has joined our group as an associate professor, welcome!


-  12 January, 2019: Y Liu & M van Kleunen. (2019) Nitrogen acquisition of Central European herbaceous plants that differ in their global naturalization success. Functional Ecology, accepted!

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